Colleen is energetic, attentive and my biggest cheerleader when I'm taking one of her classes.  She is very focused and her enthusiasm for Pilates radiates.  She is always tuned in to how and what I am doing and always helps me improve my Pilates technique.

- Liz N

I began going to Simply Pilates to take classes with Colleen about a year after herniating a disk in my lumbar spine. I had spent three months lying down because walking was too painful. My doctors and physical therapists had done a great job getting me back on my feet however I was beginning to believe that daily pain and numbness in my left leg was going to be my new normal which was scary for someone in their late 20s to come to terms with. 

I started taking Colleen's mat classes then quickly added a duet class on the apparatus as well. Colleen's extensive knowledge about how bodies work and classic Pilates technique immediately inspires confidence. She is sweet and clearly cares about each of her clients. I learned so much about my body and injury from her. After 5 months of working with her I no longer have daily pain down my left and a significant amount of feeling had come back. Colleen and the work we do has truly rehabilitated my body. I no longer feel trapped by my injury or scared of my body. I can't thank Colleen enough for giving me my life back.

-Malory W 

Get ready, because this will be nothing but superlatives! I've been working with Colleen at a different studio for 2.5 years and I was thrilled when she was recently able to open her own studio.

Her teaching works so well for me because I want clear direction and feedback not just knowledge and expertise. She has all of this in spades. I also respond to her commitment and love of what she does, Classic Pilates. Enthusiasm is energizing and contagious!

She's able to work with each individuals particular physical challenges and goals while keeping the entire class on track. She has a wonderful grasp of language so her directions are clear as a bell and so focused on the students that I feel supported and guided at all times. This means that I get the most out of every class and have never gotten injured, only stronger and more flexible while being encouraged all along the way.

A bonus: Colleen's inherent vitality and enthusiasm along with her humor make it fun!


There is always a deeper place to take your Pilates practice and Colleen helps you find it! With a smile on her face, she helps you unlock your body's potential. I highly recommend her and her cozy, private studio!


I did Pilates with Colleen for over two years when she was at the Pilates Collective in downtown Sebastopol, and I happily moved with her when she followed her dream and opened her own studio, just about a mile south. I've never done Pilates with anyone else, so I don't have a big basis for comparison, but I can say that Colleen is fun, energetic, completely clear in her verbal cues, and wonderful at demonstrating both the moves she does want you to do and the ones she doesn't. She knows body mechanics really well and she's good at verbalizing the particular effect she's trying to achieve. She also has a great sense of how far to push; she always keeps the workout just hard enough but still achievable.

She's now got all her apparatus set up, she's ready for business, and she richly deserves to get some. If there were a sixth star I'd give it to her. Definitely worth a try if you're a Pilates newbie like I was, and I can't imagine she wouldn't be equally great with the more experienced.


Simply Pilates

"Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness." Joseph H. Pilates

A Mindful Movement Studio

I had wanted to do Pilates for awhile. Finally I found Simply Pilates and Colleen.  I really enjoy the classes and can't say enough good things about Colleen. She is patient and fun, but keeps pushing you to do more than you think you can.  For 10 months I have been going twice a week to Simply Pilates. Family and friends tell me that they can see a positive difference in how I look. I know I feel stronger, have better posture, and don't injure myself as much I use to when gardening.

-Terry G 

I have been doing mat Pilates for over 10 years and recently moved from the Bay Area to Sebastopol area. I did a lot of research online and visited several Pilates studios in the Sebastopol. I was very happy with my previous studio and instructor and was looking for something similar. I wanted small classes, knowledgeable, friendly instructors, personal attention, suitable class schedule, clean, comfortable & well-equipped studio, easy parking, and affordable fees.

Well, I found the perfect fit for me at Simply Pilates! Colleen is an amazing instructor. She is fun, energetic, and most importantly, knowledgeable in body physiology and the Pilates method. In every class, Colleen constantly gives verbal cues on posture and breathing. She varies what we do in each class so it is not repetitive and gets boring.

We all know that Pilates is about strengthening the body core to improve posture, strength and flexibility. In my previous classes, I was just instructed to “suck” in my abs. With Colleen, the instruction is more detailed and she gets us to “identify, feel, work, & strengthen” so many different parts of our body that makes up our “core”.

I highly remember Colleen and her Simply Pilates studio. She makes classes so fun and your body feel so good.

-Nellie I