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company in San Diego,where he was part of a team that brought two medicines for diabetes to FDA approval. 

Towards the end of his career, Alan developed chronic and severe low back pain that lasted for more than 5 years. The journey back to health took many years. Throughout his individual work, he found the most helpful techniques were aqua aerobics, the Feldenkrais method, Pilates and stretching. All of these modalities allow the body to restore itself to its natural state of healthy movement.

Alan uses the knowledge gained from this journey to help those interested in improving their sport or game, addressing discomfort or just plain feeling better.

beginner and intermediate certifications through  Power Pilates in Chicago, IL with additional study in New York, NY and in the Bay Area. Colleen holds a Bachelors degree from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH where she studied Modern Dance and Choreography.  After graduating in 2000, she pursued Arts Administration in Cincinnati as the Administrative Director of Growth in Motion, Inc.  While in Ohio, she created and choreographed Moving Art Dance Company for 4 seasons and performed individually with local choreographers. As she began teaching Pilates at Pure Pilates Cincinnati, Colleen worked in the restaurant industry and continued dancing for fun. In  2010 she moved to Sonoma County to live by the ocean and pursue her dream of teaching and creating a studio. For 3 years she taught and managed at Pilates Collective and in October 2013, she opened Simply Pilates.

Today Colleen continues to study the Pilates Method, movement of all kinds and dream.

"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor." Joseph H. Pilates


Fascial Stretch Therapist

As an exercise instructor and stretch therapist, Alan considers himself a health facilitator. Through his gentle and sustained work anyone can augment the body's natural propensity to heal itself, and restore good posture, health and an overall sense of well being.

Alan Gottlieb is a certified Fascial Fitness Instructor and Stretch Therapist who has been teaching fitness classes in Sonoma County since 2008.  He received a bachelor's degree from Cornell University and trained as a Physician Assistant at the U.S. Public Health Service. Alan worked as a clinical researcher and later as Director of Clinical Operations for a pharmaceutical 

Colleen Mc Carty

simply teaches Pilates clearly and creatively

As a teacher, Colleen believes in the power of movement to heal, center and transform bodies and lives.  She teaches classical Pilates with an integrative approach, not only by utilizing all apparatus, but also by incorporating whole individuals, their lives, goals and needs. 

Colleen began her own Pilates practice to alleviate chronic lower back pain from years of misalignment and misuse.  The centering stability of Pilates  grounded her life and freed her of pain. She began teaching in Cincinnati, OH in 2005 and completed her 

A Mindful Movement Studio